Recordable Storybooks

I found something interesting about the storybooks today. There was storybooks that combined with the “Voice save technology”. Parents or grandparents could record their voice in the book, and “read” the story to their beloved children even they’re not beside them. In my opinion, this was a touching and creative way of story telling. Click … More Recordable Storybooks

COLLABORATORS IN DREAMS: My first task of research

We’re kind of giant children stuck in adult bodies… After searching for the proper article for a while, these pictures and the first sentence of the article captured my eyes. This article was from the journal of “ILLUSTRATION (AUTUMN 2016)”. Published by Cello Press Ltd. The article was an introduction (and manifesto?) of a new … More COLLABORATORS IN DREAMS: My first task of research

Breathtaking sceneries

These sceneries might be simple to people who live here for a long time, but it’s breathtaking to me. 對長久生活在當地的居民來說,這些或許是稀鬆平常的景色。但對我來說,這一幕幕都是令人屏息的美麗。 翠綠的青草配上未融的雪(冰),形成有趣的景象。 向上 Guildford :我們最近每個週末都去的隔壁的小鎮,比Farnham大一點,有shopping mall(裡面還有無印良品😂)