Notes & Quotes from two articles about Hiroshi Sugimoto(杉本博司)


Art:21, (2005). Artists speak: Hiroshi Sugimoto. School Arts, (105.3), p.14.

HS: “Memory, and replica. Photography is a system of saving memories. It’s a time machine, in a way…to preserve the memory, to preserve time.”

HS: “…to me, photography functions as a fossilization of time.”

“Central to Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work is the idea that photography is a time machine, a method of preserving and picturing memory and time.” (Photography artworks are a kind of archive as well.)



Georgievska-Shine, A. (2006). Hiroshi Sugimoto. ArtUS, (13), pp.18-19.

“…Sugimoto ‘s own reference to himself as a ‘pre-postmodern modernist,’…”

“Sugimoto’s intense focus on time overlaps with his inquiry pervasive theme in Japanese art.”




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