[MA] Links for Further Research of Culture & Identity Project

I had a tutorial with my tutor today for the culture and identity research project. For those who are new to my blog, I have the habit of recording the links and what I have found on the internet here on my blog so that I won’t lose them and will be able to look back later.

[MA] The First Gift: A Story Inspired by the Object from Wellcome Collection

Our class visited the Medicine Man exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London last Tuesday. The fourth project of the illustration practice unit was based on the object we found from the exhibition.


我在一個晴朗的日子去倫敦。 時序已入秋,氣溫是清爽的12度,風吹在臉上有一點涼涼冷冷的。但站在陽光下,來自遙遠的輻射熱曬得全身暖呼呼。

[經驗談] IELTS雅思準備心得其一:認識雅思與如何選擇補習班

距離考完雅思至今已經一年半左右了。 當初考完有雄心壯志想要寫一篇心得文,但因為自己考的成績不算太高,網路上又有一堆高手,自己發這種文很汗顏啊。不過,既然最近有學妹問了,而且我好歹是在三個月之內拿到自己需要的成績,這一點讓這篇還算有參考價值吧?XD

[經驗談] 我想出國留學!該找代辦還是自己申請學校呢?

前幾天有朋友問我這個問題:「我想出國留學,該不該找代辦呢?還是自己申請比較好?」 這篇來分析一下兩者的優缺點,還有自己的經驗給大家參考。

[MA] Reflective Review (02 – 06 Oct)

Monday 2 Oct This week, we started our second project: Linocut Print on Monday. We had an induction session at the print room, Y01, and did some practice using the Columbian press. The press was quite old and we needed to be strong enough