Meet my new friends!

I was trying those new pens and pencils that I had received from the “Belated Christmas gift (art matirials box)”. Sadly, the light in my room was too yellow to show those cute friends’ true colors…😢 Never mind. It’s still a great pleasure to welcome them to join YUEHtopia! 我今天把「遲來的聖誕禮物組合包」(課程給的美術材料)每一樣拿來玩一玩、試一試。 好可惜房間的燈光太黃了,沒辦法呈現這些可愛的新朋友們真實的顏色。 哎呀沒差啦!還是很開心歡迎新夥伴加入悅世界! Advertisements