The Structure of My Reflective Review of Semester One

I always create a structure before writing an article. It’s like the skeleton of the article and it makes me clear to know where am I while writing (it’s very easy to get lost in the sentences and words while writing). I’d like to share the structure of my writing with you, and perhaps you will find out the differences between the final written piece and this structure.   Reflective Review of Semester One [Structure&Notes] Description (Introduction) Looking back, reflecting on each project (research topics), achievement, skills, struggling time, improvement learning environment (classmates, tutors…support 🙂   Evaluation What I have learnt and…

David Bolinsky: Visualizing the wonder of a living cell (TED talk video)

“Art could be a powerful tool for explaining scientific concepts.” David Bolinsky, a Medical Illustrator and Animator, used illustration and animation as methods to explain the difficult concepts of cellular processes with his team members.