[MA] 7 Days, 7 Projects. Day 1: The Trip to Waverley Abbey

The Master of Arts (MA) Illustration course was started. Our first project was called “7 Days”. We had to produce 7 small projects in this project. Every project should be finished in one day.

David Bolinsky: Visualizing the wonder of a living cell (TED talk video)

“Art could be a powerful tool for explaining scientific concepts.” David Bolinsky, a Medical Illustrator and Animator, used illustration and animation as methods to explain the difficult concepts of cellular processes with his team members.

Practice of Digital/Web Archive

We had a lesson of creating web archive on 28 Feb this week. Valley and I work together to create a blog and name it “Point in Time” after exploring the connection between the photos we took. Honestly speaking, we didn’t think much of the blog and just post a little text on it with our photos. However, this blog which contains only 13 pictures gains likes and is followed by some other blog users. (WOW!) This makes me surprised that how the little TAGS can work! Please check the blog if you want to see what we did and…

Color Photography Workshop

It was my first time to make a photography in this way. It’s interesting! Unfortunately, I was having diarrhea on the day we had the lesson. So I just made five of them. (And it was like I used all my strength of life to do the work! )     Here are the notes I took for the details of the photos:(from top to the bottom) (1) 5,10,15,20 seconds / 65 Yellow / 65 Magenta / 11 Aperture (2) 20 seconds / 65 Yellow / 65 Magenta / 11 Aperture (3) 15 seconds / 65 Yellow / 65 Magenta…

Animation Archive Visit

This was the first time for me to visit our archive at our school. It was totally different from the archive from my country. In my country, most of the files and documents that could be used and “touched” are in the Libraries. For those memorial and precious things that were from a certain great person were locked in shelves, or displayed behind glasses. People couldn’t pick them up and take a look unless they apply for the usage first. If there is something that is touchable, that must be a copy of the original one. So, it was so…