[MA] 7 Days, 7 Project. Day 2: The Lady I Met on the Road

I met a lady on the way to the bus station a few days ago. Her appearance was so eye-catching: orange and curly hair, red suit, and black glasses. As a result, I decided to make a little figure of her as my Day 2 project.

[小城故事] 人物速寫 / Sketching People

最近等車的時候開始練習畫人。 偷偷觀察在這個城市生活或只在此路過的人、想著他們的目的地和背後的故事,對我來說是一件很有趣的事。 I started to observe and sketch people around me when I was waiting for the bus or train recently. It’s quite interesting for me to look at people and imagine what kind of story they have or where was their destination.

新專欄:吉爾福德小城故事 (Life in Guildford)

身為一個創意工作者,永遠不嫌坑多(喂)。 8月23日,我正式搬進鄰近學校的大城:吉爾福德(Guildford)(關於找房子的辛酸血淚史會再另起幾篇文敘述)。