See You at the Summer Fair! 快來插畫市集找我玩!

Hello, my dear friends of YUEHtopia! I’m soooooo happy to tell you that I’m going to have my table at House of Illustration Summer Fair on 30 June 2018!

[經驗談 之 Q&A時間] 非藝術相關科系畢業生會不會很難申請藝術/插畫研究所?

親愛的讀者: 為調整網站內容經營方向,本文已移至YUEHtopia秘密檔案室存放。 請點此連結前往:[經驗談 之 Q&A時間] 非藝術相關科系畢業生會不會很難申請藝術/插畫研究所? 造成不便,敬請見諒! 感謝您的閱讀!

[MA] Reflective Review (30 Oct- 03 Nov)

It was not really easy to get into the habit of writing a reflective review every week. I have to write four more reviews for the past weeks apart from this one. Alright, here we go.

[MA] 7 Days, 7 Projects. Day 1: The Trip to Waverley Abbey

The Master of Arts (MA) Illustration course was started. Our first project was called “7 Days”. We had to produce 7 small projects in this project. Every project should be finished in one day.

[小城故事] 人物速寫 / Sketching People

最近等車的時候開始練習畫人。 偷偷觀察在這個城市生活或只在此路過的人、想著他們的目的地和背後的故事,對我來說是一件很有趣的事。 I started to observe and sketch people around me when I was waiting for the bus or train recently. It’s quite interesting for me to look at people and imagine what kind of story they have or where was their destination.

FMP Evaluation (Week 7)

In week 7, I finished preparing these things: chose four drawings and got them framed, scanned the drawings and edited them with text on InDesign, printed the edited images on testing paper.