[MA] 7 Days, 7 Projects. Day 3: Humanburger

I went to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle with my flatmate on 22 Sep. After watching the film, I got a strong impression of the film

[MA] 7 Days, 7 Project. Day 2: The Lady I Met on the Road

I met a lady on the way to the bus station a few days ago. Her appearance was so eye-catching: orange and curly hair, red suit, and black glasses. As a result, I decided to make a little figure of her as my Day 2 project.

[觀後感] The Child in Time:在時間中遺失的孩子

(2022.6.18 補充更新:小說中文譯本在台灣已於2021年出版,書名譯為《時間裡的孩子》。另外,此部BBC電影中文譯為《記憶中的擁抱》。) 班奈狄克 · 康伯拜區(Benedict Cumberbatch,以下簡稱BC)及凱莉 · 麥當勞(Kelly Macdonald)主演的電視劇:The Child in Time 2017年9月24日於BBC One首播。 身為一名Cumberlover有幸在英國看到首播,覺得自己有義務和大家分享觀後心得,也介紹一下這部電視劇的背景。(不過礙於英語能力有限且非專業翻譯,若有理解錯誤敬請賜教,謝謝!)

[MA] 7 Days, 7 Projects. Day 1: The Trip to Waverley Abbey

The Master of Arts (MA) Illustration course was started. Our first project was called “7 Days”. We had to produce 7 small projects in this project. Every project should be finished in one day.

[小城故事] 人物速寫 / Sketching People

最近等車的時候開始練習畫人。 偷偷觀察在這個城市生活或只在此路過的人、想著他們的目的地和背後的故事,對我來說是一件很有趣的事。 I started to observe and sketch people around me when I was waiting for the bus or train recently. It’s quite interesting for me to look at people and imagine what kind of story they have or where was their destination.



[經驗談] 建議從台灣帶去英國的文具和生活小物

親愛的讀者: 為調整網站內容經營方向,本文已移至YUEHtopia秘密檔案室存放。 請點此連結前往:[經驗談] 建議從台灣帶去英國的文具和生活小物 造成不便,敬請見諒! 感謝您的閱讀!

FMP Evaluation (Week 7)

In week 7, I finished preparing these things: chose four drawings and got them framed, scanned the drawings and edited them with text on InDesign, printed the edited images on testing paper.

FMP Evaluation (Week 5)

Week 5 was finally a productive week. I finished writing the story of my illustrated book on Monday and let Susan read through it. She then helped me to amend it. Followed by Susan's suggestion, the main character, a little boy, got his name started with Z

Trying Material: Paper

I tried another paper from our studio today. It’s Seawhite drawing cartridge. I also recorded a video of the drawing process. I think this paper is okay for gouache. But it’s a little bit too thin for me because I used to put a lot of water when I’m drawing. I think I still need to get some paper from the art shop.

Keep Calm and Carry On:談英國人面對恐怖攻擊的態度

6月3日晚上睡前,手機的BBC app突然跳出一則快訊:倫敦橋發生意外事故。當下我的反應是:該不會又是恐怖攻擊吧?果不其然,不久後警方定調此次意外是恐怖攻擊。而這已經是英國三個月內發生的第三起恐怖攻擊了(詳見英國近年重大恐襲事件一覽)。