London Design Festival: DIY Art Market / 倫敦手作創意市集

I went to the DIY Art Market with my classmates today. It was a lot of fun! I met and chatted with the artists there and of course, bought some fantastic artworks and products.


(活動網址:DIY Market

I bought one card, two little notebooks from the illustrator, Sandra Dieckmann, and a tote bag which had mean words on it: “Oh great. Another tote.” by Mean Mail. (I decided to buy the tote bag as I was a person who called myself a “tote bag expert” ha ha!)

我向一位插畫家:Sandra Dieckmann 買了一張卡片、兩本筆記本。也和一家叫做Mean Mail的品牌買了一個上面寫著:「噢太棒了。另一個帆布袋」的帆布袋。(既然我自稱「帆布袋專家」,二話不說馬上買下來!)

It was a great honour to chat with Sandra. She’s very kind, friendly, and willing to share her drawing technique and experience with me. The most important thing was: I love her work so much! They’re warm-hearted, touching and vital.


Here are the links to the artists’ website:


Sandra Dieckmann

Mean Mail

Please take a look if you’re interested in their work!

By the way, I think I have to say this here:

I think learning should not be limited at school. Everything we do and everyone we meet every day can be a source of learning, especially for creative workers or students. Getting inspired by the things in life is important for artists and those who need inspiration for their works. As a result, don’t be surprised to see me keep going to London or wandering around the world! (This is actually what I want to say! Ha ha!)





  1. Too many design “festivals”.
    Have you been to Clerkenwell Design, Icon Design, London Design Fair etc? 😉


    1. This is my first time to join a “festival” in London😂Thanks for sharing! I’ll check it later😉


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