Welcome to the world of Joyce C. Y. Lin!


It Rains Today

It rains today, but I don’t know how to describe it. It must be a heavy rain if it’s in London, but in Taiwan… maybe it’s just a normal rain. I let the raindrops fall on my hand. It feels like your tears. I was called ‘The Goddess of the Rain’ when I was in the UK. Every time when I went out with my friends or joined an outdoor activity, it rained. (That’s not my fault!) It was quite embarrassing to be caught in the rain and we were all wet. Somehow, it became an interesting and unforgettable memory….

Home Sweet Home, but I miss you all

The sky says, “Welcome back!” while the ocean laughs and gives me a big hug. The mountain just keeps smiling as usual, but I know how happy he is to see me home. I thought I wouldn’t miss them, but in fact, I did. I miss them so much even more than I could imagine. Yes, I’m back. I’m home. Hello, my dear friends! Time really flies. After studying in the UK for about two years, now I’m back in Taitung, Taiwan, my hometown. I finished my Master’s course and got the degree! YAYYYY!!! To be honest, now I’m still…