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[海龜日記] 其一:待整理

前言:「海龜日記」是記錄我從英國留學回台的所思所想、所見所聞的系列文章。是心情描繪、是抒發,也是記錄。願真實的文字能成為出口,或有幸成為他人的幫助。 從英國回來至今已經七個月了。 不瞞各位,我的房間大部分還和回來當天一樣。「凌亂」已不足以形容那種狀態,我直接稱之為「廢墟」。

《台東假期 Taitung Vacation》版權聲明

《台東假期 Taitung Vacation》之「圖畫」部分(不包含英文詩及中文翻譯),其著作權為本人:林誠悅(筆名 Joyce C. Y. Lin、悅YUEH)所有。除事先經本人合法授權,任何人皆不得擅自以任何形式複製、改作、編輯、散布、傳輸或其他非授權方式使用。 若對以上聲明有任何疑問或意見,或有意洽談圖像授權事宜,歡迎來信與我聯絡:joycelin8502@gmail.com 在此感謝您對創作者的支持,以及對著作權保護的認同。因為有您的支持,創作者們才能繼續創作更多、更好的作品。謝謝您!


回來台灣已經一個多月了,但我知道我的心沒有回來。 有一半忘在吉爾福德住了一年多的公寓裡,另一半在世界各地流浪。 有一些凍結在斯德哥爾摩的湖面上,隨著日出日落而變換顏色。 有一塊被夕陽曬化,融在愛丁堡卡爾頓丘未完工的石板上。 有一袋在巴賽隆那被偷了,不知道是不是運到了馬德里。 有一卷被拉成長條、編織成繩索,懸掛在奧斯陸市政廳前碼頭,等待出航。 有一把被灑在里斯本的沙灘上,隨著海浪不見蹤影。 有一杯被調進酒裡,在倫敦各酒吧間流轉,不知何時何處被吞下肚。 還有一些,不知去向。或許在你那裡?

Slow but Steady

It’s been almost a month since I’m back to my hometown. I mentioned that I got problems of communicating with my parents last time. Well, the problem was not solved yet. However, after talking to some people who are close to my parents from our church, I start to understand how they feel and what they are worried about. To tell the truth, there’s still a gap between us. But now I know it’s very common for children to have fights with their parents because we grew up in different era. Our roles are different, our value of life are…

It Rains Today

It rains today, but I don’t know how to describe it. It must be a heavy rain if it’s in London, but in Taiwan… maybe it’s just a normal rain. I let the raindrops fall on my hand. It feels like your tears. I was called ‘The Goddess of the Rain’ when I was in the UK. Every time when I went out with my friends or joined an outdoor activity, it rained. (That’s not my fault!) It was quite embarrassing to be caught in the rain and we were all wet. Somehow, it became an interesting and unforgettable memory….

Home Sweet Home, but I miss you all

The sky says, “Welcome back!” while the ocean laughs and gives me a big hug. The mountain just keeps smiling as usual, but I know how happy he is to see me home. I thought I wouldn’t miss them, but in fact, I did. I miss them so much even more than I could imagine. Yes, I’m back. I’m home. Hello, my dear friends! Time really flies. After studying in the UK for about two years, now I’m back in Taitung, Taiwan, my hometown. I finished my Master’s course and got the degree! YAYYYY!!! To be honest, now I’m still…