Books, Bookshop, and People / 書店奇遇

主題 / Project Title: Books, Bookshop, and People / 書店奇遇

合作單位 / Collaborator: Farnham Oxfam Bookshop and the staffs

合作期間 / Duration: Feb – May 2018

This project is part of the Collaborative Practice unit of my MA. I choose to collaborate with the Oxfam Bookshop in Farnham based on my passion for books.

The images focus on the relationship amongst books, bookshop, and people. I have done research on the relationship amongst these three by sketching in the shop, visiting libraries, watching films, and reading related books.

I believe that the bookshop is the place where we can meet people from the past, and find someone (the book) you love. Also, each book is a whole new world which we can travel back and forth in no time.

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