COLLABORATORS IN DREAMS: My first task of research

We’re kind of giant children stuck in adult bodies…


After searching for the proper article for a while, these pictures and the first sentence of the article captured my eyes.


This article was from the journal of “ILLUSTRATION (AUTUMN 2016)”. Published by Cello Press Ltd.

The article was an introduction (and manifesto?) of a new book: A Child of Books which was written and illustrated by the illustrator Oliver Jeffers and typographic artist Sam Winston.

Oliver and Sam created two characters in this book to show all the books that inspired them as children. With the story, they were trying to encourage both adults and children to find their own voices and stories.


I liked the idea of A Child of Books and almost 100% agreed with Oliver and Sam that I am also a giant child stuck in an adult body.

I couldn’t remember the exact date that I came up with an idea of ” I don’t want to grow up.” But I’m sure that I had the idea for over 10 years.

Time just flies, and I still grew up. Luckily, I found a way turning back to be a child again: drawing, and reading picture books. Just like what I always did while I was a little kid. (If I want to talk about the story between picture books and me will be too long for this post. So I’ll leave the story to the next post.)

As a result, I was touched by the words and ideas of A Child of Books. Especially when I found out there were people had the same feeling of me.

At the end of this article, Oliver and Sam quoted:

We hope A Child of Books will help young readers to find a focused way of entertaining and teaching themselves about the power of imagination.(←Oh I LOVED the word!)

Although we were not children anymore, we still could do something meaningful related to children. And tried our best to support, guide and encourage them. Just like how we were treated before. ♥



※Bonus picture: My messy desk (while reading/doing research)↓



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  2. Great job hun! You always do such great blogposts and this article seems to relate to your work very well. I love how you put in a picture of your sketchbook annotations as well as one of your desk whilst working 🙂 xxx

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  3. Fascinating way of working! I like how you deconstructed the article looking up new words, illustrating them with photos and making sense of it. Well found!

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  4. Because I am interested in illustration too, so I think your article is very useful!! I like it, I will check ‘a child of book’ later!

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