London Study Trip: the Design Museum

16 January was my first time to visit London!

We, GDAD students, went to the Design Museum as the first stop.

On the top floor, it was DESIGNER MAKER USER exhibition.

At the beginning of the exhibition, the sentence: “FROM THE SPOON TO THE CITY” caught my eyes and widen my horizon. A design was not something only did on paper, computer or fashionable clothes. Every tiny thing we were using today was a designed product or service. And the three relationships between DESIGNER, MAKER, and USER were close and each played a unique role in the design progress.


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After seeing the DESIGNER MAKER USER exhibition, I went down the ground floor and paid to see another exhibition: FEAR AND LOVE.

Honestly, I didn’t like the exhibition. Some works were a little too difficult to understand, and I was really scared by the Vespers.(It successfully expressed the feeling of FEAR! It frightened me!)

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