David Bolinsky: Visualizing the wonder of a living cell (TED talk video)

“Art could be a powerful tool for explaining scientific concepts.”

David Bolinsky, a Medical Illustrator and Animator, used illustration and animation as methods to explain the difficult concepts of cellular processes with his team members.

In this TED talk, he wanted people to understand the truth and beauty of our body, and the work he had done was the expressions of truth and beauty in both art and science.
Let’s see how art can be a powerful tool for gaining knowledge and knowing how our body work 🙂 By knowing this, we’ll be amazed how powerful our body and lives are.

(Info of David Bolinsky on TED)


  • Truth and beauty of our body are only accessible by people in that area
  • Science, medicine, meth… are too difficult to understand


  • Personal reason: the mission of being a medical illustrator and animator
  • Help people to understand the truth and beauty in biological sciences
  • For education: change the ways of medical and scientific education
Message(What does he want people to understand?):
  • Our cells and body are powerful. By knowing this, we can control our health and life.
  • By knowing how amazing our body are, we will be in awe of our lives (In my opinion, we are more likely to respect and cherish our lives.)
  • To discover more truth and beauty of our lives
  • Animation, pictures, story-telling
  • Research and study on cells: how they move, what they did
  • Create figures of different types of cells

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