Interesting things about Manga(Links)

Hi there!

In the project which I’m working on is called Global Citizen. I chose to write about Japanese Manga and its influence on western comics and visual culture as the topic of my essay. Here are some interesting links and info that I found:

Definition of Visual Culture on Wiki

攻殼機動隊Ghost in the Shell (The introduction of its original Manga)


While searching for the manga outside Japan, I found out that there is a term called OEL: it stands for Original English-language manga! I think it’s so interesting and it’s like the child of Japanese manga.

Manga outside Japan

Original English-language manga

I’ve started to read manga when I was 10 and regarded it as my hobby, my interest, and my love. However, despite how much love I have for manga, it’s still hard to turn my interest into the study. I’ll share my essay with you after it’s finished 🙂


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