Phyllis Tuckwell: Local Hospice Care

Phyllis Tuckwell is the only Hospice Care service for adult patients, and their families, across the whole of West Surrey and part of North East Hampshire, in the Hospice, at the Beacon Centre, in patients’ own homes and in the community.

I found one hospice care centre based in Farnham. It’s called Phyllis Tuckwell. I think I went to their charity shop once but didn’t realise that their care centre is in Farnham.

I found there’re a lot of stories from the patients and their families on the website. I think I can adapt one of them as the story of my illustrated book.

The stories are here: Patient Stories

I’d like to visit the care centre next week and get in touch with the hospice care. Perhaps I can tell them that I’m working on the current project and it’s about creating an illustrated book of hospice. Maybe they can give me some advice or be interested in this. I’ll try to email them today.

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