FMP Evaluation (Week 2)

This week we had presentations of our MPP on Monday. After presenting my proposal to Al, Hannah and all my classmates, I got feedback including thinking of the cultural issue/ difference of death and do more research on the well-known illustrators.

Thanks to the questions from Al, I could think about something I hadn’t think of. I decided that my story will be more general and cross-cultural so that no matter who and where the reader was, they could understand my story. However, there must be some cultural perspective which I might not be aware of. To avoid the misunderstanding in my story, I’ll ask my tutors and friends from a different culture to read my story and give me some feedback. (I marked this line as a reminder to myself that I’ll need to do this.)


The lecture about research methods on Thursday by Gary was really helpful. To me, the most important part of it was: research must be communicable. It meant my research must be able to communicate and was accessible. As a result, I need to write down my thoughts and research process as much as I can so that other people can understand what I think. It’s really easy to skip the steps and jump into conclusion without explaining it. Luckily, I’m a person who likes to write down every detail on paper or make a record on my blog due to my poor memory. However, it’s still easy to forget to write down something I have thought of but have decided not to use or do. Thanks to the tutorial with Gary, I learnt that even the options that I didn’t choose should be recorded to show my decision.

On Friday, I handed in my MPP and went on a research trip with Sayuri. I’ll write another blog entry about it and the exhibitions we went.

Throughout these two weeks, I found more and more related books and had decided the format of my illustrated book. I’d like to print out my illustration and combine the technique of bookbinding to present my illustrated book. Thanks to Gary, I got some great idea of how the book could be like to be more attractive, meaningful and interesting. Since I’m still doing research on the format of the book, I’ll write another blog entry about it.

I’m going back to Taiwan next week. I have planned some visit and ordered some related books to read. Maybe I’ll interview some people or my parents about their story and feelings about death. I think this is also a good chance to share opinions on this important issue which we have never really talk about.

Once again, good luck to my work and hope I have a safe journey.

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