The Structure of My Reflective Review of Semester One

I always create a structure before writing an article. It’s like the skeleton of the article and it makes me clear to know where am I while writing (it’s very easy to get lost in the sentences and words while writing).

I’d like to share the structure of my writing with you, and perhaps you will find out the differences between the final written piece and this structure.


Reflective Review of Semester One [Structure&Notes]

Description (Introduction)

Looking back, reflecting on each project (research topics), achievement, skills, struggling time, improvement

learning environment (classmates, tutors…support 🙂



What I have learnt and achieved

1. New Skills: workshops (enumerate, choose the most relevant ones)

2. Each project: different topics, combine new skills that I just learnt

3. Research & design methods: mind map, finding proper sources, analysing

articles, how to develop ideas, how to take part in critiques, evaluation (how to

analyse my work and project)

4. English skills: speaking & writing


Struggling times: ( what can be done better next time)

1. too ambitious, make things too complicated, want to do too many things

at the same time

2. time management problem: improved but still needs to do better

3. procrastinating (the biggest enemy is me myself and I)



personal feelings:

1. be brave! Process, I’m becoming braver and more adventurous! gain my

confidence back

3. free to learn, learn to be free

4. finally found the right place for me to stay! Yes! I’m on the right track




try to simplify everything “narrow down the focus”, limit the options, be more

realistic, do it at an earlier stage – 1 st week of the new project?

try to be “Simple, easy, happy!” my motto, my trademark


Personal action plan (future)

Short-term goal:

finish GDAD course and go on to study in illustration MA

learn as much as I can, simplifies things and ideas (well designed)

topics I want to explore in Semester 2 (in relation to either illustration)

Long-term goal:


help people in different ways (I’m a lucky girl so I have the responsibility to help

those who are in need.)

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