[MA] 7 Days, 7 Projects. Day 1: The Trip to Waverley Abbey

The Master of Arts (MA) Illustration course was started.

Our first project was called “7 Days”. We had to produce 7 small projects in this project. Every project should be finished in one day.

The Day 1 project was the reflection of the field trip we had together to the Waverley Abbey on 17 Sep.

I played with the materials I collected from the trip and practised monoprint. It was a lot of fun!


Then I made this piece below. I called it “The Birth”.

The Birth

The Birth (detail)

However, I didn’t realize that the Day 1 project should be a reflection of the trip at the time I created this one. As a result, I changed the image into this one below with the chestnut print.


The Trip to Waverley Abbey

The sycamore seeds represented our footsteps, and the chestnut print was covered by some mud I collected from the trip and symbolized the softness of the path. Also, the little stone at the upper-right corner was the Waverley Abbey. All the stuff along the path were those I collected while walking.


I enjoyed printing and playing with the leaves in class. If somebody asked me: “Are you having fun? I thought you’re taking classes.” I would answer: “Yes. We’re taking classes AND we’re having fun!”

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