Slow but Steady

It’s been almost a month since I’m back to my hometown.

I mentioned that I got problems of communicating with my parents last time. Well, the problem was not solved yet. However, after talking to some people who are close to my parents from our church, I start to understand how they feel and what they are worried about.

To tell the truth, there’s still a gap between us. But now I know it’s very common for children to have fights with their parents because we grew up in different era.

Our roles are different, our value of life are different, and the future we are facing are different as well.

It’s sad but it’s true that we will never understand another person’s thought and feeling. All we can do is to ask, talk, and try to stand in another person’s shoes.

I haven’t got the answer to solve the problem between my parents and me. Nevertheless, I got some clues now. The problem is hard, but at least I’m working on it.

I was busy setting up my studio lately. My books and stuff are much more than I thought…

It takes time to organize everything. It’s tiring, but fun. I quite enjoy setting up things in my own way, doing things at my own pace, and singing loudly while working.

Having my own studio is a great pleasure. Being surrounded by people is nice, but I can only concentrate and work while I’m alone. Perhaps loneliness is the ink and sadness is the pen so I can’t write without them? (Oh dear, that’s sad!)

I have to admit that I do things R E A L L Y   S   L    O     W…

However, I feel comfortable to work at my own pace. And at least I know what am I doing and know what I want. The direction of moving on is more important than the speed.

Slow but steady, I’m on my way.

Joyce C. Y. Lin

in Taitung, Taiwan

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