See You at the Summer Fair! 快來插畫市集找我玩!

Hello, my dear friends of YUEHtopia! I’m soooooo happy to tell you that I’m going to have my table at House of Illustration Summer Fair on 30 June 2018!

Notes & Quotes from two articles about Hiroshi Sugimoto(杉本博司)

[1] Art:21, (2005). Artists speak: Hiroshi Sugimoto. School Arts, (105.3), p.14. HS: “Memory, and replica. Photography is a system of saving memories. It’s a time machine, in a way…to preserve the memory, to preserve time.” HS: “…to me, photography functions as a fossilization of time.” “Central to Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work is the idea that photography is a time machine, a method of preserving and picturing memory and time.” (Photography artworks are a kind of archive as well.) / [2] Georgievska-Shine, A. (2006). Hiroshi Sugimoto. ArtUS, (13), pp.18-19. “…Sugimoto ‘s own reference to himself as a ‘pre-postmodern modernist,’…” “Sugimoto’s intense focus on…