Animation Archive Visit

This was the first time for me to visit our archive at our school. It was totally different from the archive from my country.

In my country, most of the files and documents that could be used and “touched” are in the Libraries. For those memorial and precious things that were from a certain great person were locked in shelves, or displayed behind glasses. People couldn’t pick them up and take a look unless they apply for the usage first. If there is something that is touchable, that must be a copy of the original one.

So, it was so surprising for me to see the original pictures and settings of Bob Godfrey today at Animation Archive. Although I didn’t really know him well, it was still a great experience to see the drawings and settings from a great person in the UK. It was like communicating with him at the moment when I read and touched the words that he wrote in the paper a long time ago.

Based on the experience today, I would definitely go to the archive again and use it as a partner of learning. Not only for finding information but for those incredible moments to “meet” with the great people.


By Joyce (Cheng-Yueh) Lin

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