The Structure of my Academic Essay: “Portraits as Living Archives”

Introduction (Say what I’m going to say) 

What I’m going to say in this article, and why


Main Body (Say it)

Sugimoto’s work:


Background (Why he did this work: the extension of Diorama series )

Technique(How he did this work?)

{Read &Watch: (1)The Exactness of The World: A Conversation With Hiroshi Sugimoto;(2) From Oil to Wax to Silver: Sugimoto’s Portrait Gallery; (3)Documentary Film: Memories of Origin}


Holbein’s work:


  • Holbein’s journey
  • He started to paint portraits in England

The function of portraits:

  • To know how a person looks (like photography now)
  • A weapon of propaganda (scale, appearance, position…)

{Read & Watch: A culture show special. Holbein – Eye of the Tudors(Video on eStream); The genius of British art: power and personality(Video on eStream)}




  • details: clothing, jewelry…


  • scale
  • position
  • light&shadow
  • method


  • The role of keeping memory: painter, wax figure sculptor, photographer.
  • Source: portrait as an archive




Conclusion (Summarize what I said)

The portrait keeps the memory of the person and shows what they want to express and say to the future.

Portrait as a living archive. Frozen time, memory and all surroundings in it. Let the people in it can live forever.


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