Redesign Patient Education/Notice Sheet of Colonoscopy

Through four weeks of working, I finally finish my final outcome of the third project: Agents of Change. At first, I’d like to create a series of illustration to make brand new leaflets for patient education of colonoscopy. However, the amount of work of designing and gathering all the information of the exam was too much to accomplish in a short amount of time. At the end, I chose to redesign the notice sheet of the local clinic instead.

The process of designing the sheet is as below:


Explanation of this sheet:

  • Title: Notice Sheet of Colonoscopy
  • Part 1: Two days before the exam (Food choice guide)
  • Part 2: One day before the exam (Food choice guide, drink more water, stop eating anything after midnight)
  • Part 3: On the exam day (Arrive the clinic at 10:30)
  • Part 4: Notice (Stop having Aspirin before taking the exam)


To tell the truth, I didn’t have enough time to work on it since my time management problem. Despite this, I know my skill of graphic design is not good enough to produce a really well designed sheet now. The work of designing things is not easy, and it requires a lot of experience and knowledge to make a good design.

Nevertheless, no matter how the outcome looks like in the end, I enjoy the process of creating those illustration. As a result, I made my decision of being an illustrator instead of a graphic designer in the future. (Trust me, they are not the same!)

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