Trying Material: Oil Pastel and Gouache

I tried oil pastel with watercolour today and try to draw the main character of my story. These two materials are the ones that I’d like to use in my illustrated book.


As these two materials were the first two that I learnt to draw when I was a little girl, I’d like to use them in this project as a link to my past, especially the beginning of learning to draw.

I think the feeling of oil pastel could be both childish and mature. It depends on the skills and technique the person who draws. I think I want to make the illustration feel like childish but actually mature ( I know it’s quite subtle ha ha). I’ll try and do my best on it.

Apart from oil pastel and watercolour, the paper that I used for this picture was not suitable for watercolour. It’s too plain and couldn’t absorb water well. I think I’ll have to find some other paper for my work.

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