FMP Evaluation (Week 4)

I came back from Taiwan this week. To tell the truth, I was too tired to do any work due to the jet lag and the long journey when I came back. I think it’ll be better not to go back home next time for only one week off. It’s really too tiring.

I finally put myself together on Thursday and looked back to the previous weeks and wrote a post about what I have done so far (here it is). I found this way useful to reflect and review what I have done and what needs to be done soon. It’s like the evaluation but more like a note in a personal way to clear my mind.

I could say that I have done some research for my project. Due to the time limit, I think I should start to work on the illustrated book directly as Al and Hannah suggested on Friday so that I could finish my work in time.

Next week, I’ll focus on writing the story and drawing illustration of my illustrated book. Meanwhile, I’ll practice and experiment the way of bookbinding. I’ll try to finish the blog posts of the record about those visits and readings when I feel too tired of drawing.

There’s a lot to do and I know I’ll be very busy next few weeks. Fortunately, I found myself easy to concentrate and work in the studio. As a result, I brought almost all the materials to the studio on Friday including the paper I bought for digital printing from London. I’ll try to work in the studio and relax at my room. I think it’ll be better to separate the working place and relaxing place so that I could work efficiently and leave my room as a place to calm myself down. 

Good luck to my new working week!

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