FMP Evaluation (Week 5)

Week 5 was finally a productive week.

I finished writing the story of my illustrated book on Monday and let Susan read through it. She then helped me to amend it. Followed by Susan's suggestion, the main character, a little boy, got his name started with Z by the idea of 'the last letter' since the word 'letter' could be both written letter or the alphabet. I named him 'Zack' later on because this name was the first one came to my mind.

Our group had a curating meeting on Tuesday for arranging the exhibition area for each of us. I'm glad that we helped each other to decide and didn't have fight for this. I think our works will all look great at our corners. Honestly, I can't wait to see all the stuff set up and our friends coming to our show. I know that the show is not the most important thing within the FMP, but it's still exciting to display and gain the experience of curating my own work in a place.

On Thursday, I went to the frame centre on Downing street in Farnham to ask for further information of framing my work. It costs about £35 each painting with a standard frame. Hannah told me it's possible to mount my paintings by myself so that I might not need to pay that much on framing. However, after looking at my time plan, I think that it's better to let the frame centre help me to frame my work as there's still a lot of work for me to do. I can pay them to do the framing so that there will be less work for me and I can finish my work on time without worrying about this.

Lastly, I drew the sketch and layout of my illustrated book this week and made some little models of the book. I was confused about the reading direction after I had made the models. I realized that my original design didn't make sense. After having a tutorial with Hannah on Friday, I decided to turn my book from portrait to landscape. This means when a reader is reading my book, it's like opening an envelope and read the letter about a story of the last letter. I like this idea a lot and really appreciate Hannah for supporting my idea. Now I need to redesign the layout and start to draw as soon as possible. Fortunately, I got some paper from the art shop on Friday and I could finally start drawing.







It was a really busy week but I felt good to know that I've solved a lot of problems and had the ability to arrange things in a foreign country with a foreign language. I think I gain confidence through all these things and I'll be more competent and experienced.

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