Trying Material: Ink and Dip Pen & Reflection on the Change

I bought dip pen and drawing ink yesterday after Al suggested me to try some simple materials such as pencils on Monday. 


Ink with dip pen
(To my dear Sayuri chan: Garbo is the one who says the monkey looks like you, not me!)


Al said that my drawings in sketch book were simple and easy to catch the point of the meanings. However, if I used oil pastel with gouache like I planned, he thought that the meaning would be buried under the colours and lines and couldn’t express the meaning directly like the simple pencil lines. As a result, I decided to try ink with dip pen as the main material for my illustrated book after a second thought.

To tell the truth, changing my desition was not easy to me. I tend to have the thought of ‘uncertainty avoidance’ like most of the East-Asians do, which means we tend to avoid the uncertainty and try to control everything. If something went out of control or didn’t follow our plan, we’ll be panic and refuse to change. Not until this day did I know that I was the same as most of the East-Asians. Nevertheless, I didn’t think this was either good or bad. Uncertainty avoidance could be good in some area but might not in art. To me, I think I need to think even more widely or wildly and embrace the change quickly and try to be more creative as an art student. 

Luckily, I found myself embraced the change quicker than before. So I bought some ink and dip pen to try the effect soon. Interestingly, I thought the ink with dip pen would go well and fit my topic very well. As the topic of my FMP was ‘The Last Letter’, people in the past used dip pen and ink to write and draw!!! I thought ink with dip pen would work very well on this topic and express and communicate my concept to the reader easily. I felt excited when I figured out the connection between ink and letter. More meaningful to me was that I couldn’t figure this out if I refused to change. 

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