FMP Evaluation (Week 6)

We started to prepare our exhibition space this week. I filled some holes on the wall of my exhibition wall and painted the words on the other side of the wall as the huge message board.

painting on the wall

I also tried to put some sticky notes on the wall to see if they worked, and they worked as I planned! I went back to check one and two days after. I was so happy to see that they’re still there. As a result, these super sticky notes could really stick on the chalky wall as I imagined.


For my illustration, I finally started to sketch on paper. I chose cartridge paper as it’s suitable for ink and pencil. Also, I placed the drawings on the light table to transform the sketch to ink and dip pen on another paper.


I think the result is as good as I thought. However, I start to worry about I won’t have time to print my work out as the printing bureau only opens on Tuesday and Thursday… I think I’ll try to finish all the drawing, scanning, and editing before Tuesday. I’ll go ask the printing shop on the street if I couldn’t let my work printed on next Thursday. Time is running out and I feel stressful again. Although I hate the feeling of working and try to finish things in a short time, I wonder why I still repeat it again and again?

Maybe I always think I have plenty of time in the beginning and forget how slowly I work and how much time will I need to finish one thing. Luckily, like my flatmate said, “Fortunately we’re still young.” Making mistakes and learning from it is our tasks. Looking on the bright side of this, this proofs that we’re still young. I think this makes me feel better and I can continue to finish my work as I understand that there’s still A LOT for me to learn.

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