FMP Evaluation (Week 7)

In week 7, I finished preparing these things: chose four drawings and got them framed, scanned the drawings and edited them with text on InDesign, printed the edited images on testing paper.



test printing.JPG
Test printing


Things looked well until Friday, I sent the digital printing paper I bought from London and it was damaged when printing on the back side.

broken paper.JPG

It was totally a tragic because I only got one piece of paper that was big enough for my file. What even worse was all the paper in the print bureau was not big enough or could be printed double-sided. Not until then did I understood these things:

  1. I should design the size of the final work at the beginning so that I could prepare the paper of the suitable size for my work.
  2. I should prepare at these two to three pieces of one kind of paper as printing is not going to succeed at the first time.
  3. I should ask the technician of printing work at the beginning of the project as printing includes a lot of techniques.
  4. I should start the printing process earlier.


I felt sad and regretful when I understood these.

However, fortunately, I still have some days left. As a result, I went to London and bought more paper back. Also, I plan to go to printing bureau in the early morning as soon as it opens. I’m practising bookbinding and writing the reflective review on Sunday.

Fingers crossed on my printing on Monday!

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