Children’s Books about Inspiring Kids to Follow Their Dreams (Link)

Time really flies. Now I’m working on the final project of my master’s course. I changed the topic for several times. I tried to focus on communication, personal life, and community in the previous units/ terms. And now I move on to focus on personal adventure as well as voyages.


The idea is still quite vague and should be narrow down soon. It’s interesting that I’m thinking and clarifying my idea all the time especially when I’m taking a shower. Yesterday, I came up with the idea that maybe what I really want to do in the final project was not encouraging people to study abroad liked I planned before, but to encourage people to TAKE THE ADVENTURE and FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS.

Everyone’s dream is different, and each dream should be respected and cherished. Whoever you are, you can be the person who you want to be, and live the life you desire.

So, I started to look up children’s books about inspiring kids to follow their dreams. Here are the links to the lists and sites I found online:



26 Books to Inspire Kids to Dream Bigger

50 Children’s Books To Inspire & Motivate Your Kids


As you all know that one of the functions of my blog, or the very first function of this website, is to record my thoughts and the research I do. I started this blog since last January while I was studying in my graduate diploma. It’s a shame that I seem to forget this very first function and how helpful it is to simply write and record my research online.

Thus, I will start again this habit of recording things here and share my research process with you, my dear readers. Also, I’ll try to write my reflective journal here as this is a part of the research process.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find inspiration on my blog!

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