London Study Trip: Gallery Day, Lovely Day

On this lovely sunny day, my classmates and I went to London to visit several galleries and see the exhibitions there.

  1. Serpentine Sackler Galleries -> “Speak: Tania Bruguera, Douglas Gordon, Laure Prouvost and Cally Spooner”
  2. Serpentine Galleries -> “A World View: John Latham”
  3. House of Illustration -> “Nous Vous: Three Men In A Boat” and “Jo Brocklehurst: Nobodies and Somebodies”



At Serpentine Sackler Galleries, I was fascinated by the art work: “End her is story” which was produced by Laure Prouvost.


The art work combined light, videos, objects, and music. In the dark exhibition room, I felt that I was immersed in the memory of the story when seeing the lights dancing on the objects with music. Suddenly, these objects of daily life made me think of my friends and family from my hometown, and made me homesick. The emotion of “Missing” someone was so strong that I have to leave the room quickly so that no one could see the tears almost running out my eyes.

To tell the truth, I didn’t really understand what kind of message of this art work that the artist wanted to tell us until I read the gallery tag, but she successfully expressed the emotion of memory of the story through the art work directly. without reading the explanation, I could try to understand what the artist wanted to say then matched the answer to the explanation to see if I got the same feeling of the artist.

Here’s the word from the artist:

“This new piece is an improvised score of particles floating in memory. I’m trying to articulate a number of snippets, moments, objects, musical notes, memories and flashes of feeling, dialogue and sensations connected to my time spent with John Latham in his body-event-house that is Flat Time Ho.”–Laure Prouvost (March 2017)

I like the combination of light, objects and music of this art work a lot. It was a really attractive and creative way of story-telling.

End her is story (2017) by Laure Prouvost


We had a great time seeing all the exhibitions, enjoying the meal and the time being together. It’s a lovely day with lovely mates!


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