Getting Familiar with Famous Illustrators

Al and Susan suggested me to look up these illustrators and get familiar with their works. So here are what I found and my opinion of their works.


Their works are too classic to write a comment for just a few sentences.

Quentin Blake : The illustrator of BFG and many of the books by Roald Dahl.

Here he shares how he draws: How I draw


Maurice Sendak : The illustrator and writer of Where the Wild Things Are

Arthur Rackham

E. H. Shepard : The illustrator of Winnie-the-Pooh

Raymond Briggs



Contemporary Illustrators

Laura Carlin

I have read her book The Promise in the library once. I like the combination of different materials in her illustration. They probably are watercolour, pencil, photo, oil pastel and so on. However, I think her drawing style is a little bit too messy to me so that I might not have the same style of her.

She’s now an illustrator under Heart Agency in the UK.


Lara Harwood

I saw her artwork on Heart Agency website.

Her print works are amazing! The colour and shape are so vivid. I felt my knowledge of printing is so limited after seeing her works.


Anna Bhushan

I like her colour. I mean the usage of watercolour and the colour she uses. They’re bright and clear. I think I like bright and pure colours.


Ellie Curtis

She is specialize in illustration and textile prints. The shape of animals are interesting. But I think I don’t like her colour.


Orly Orbach

She has a huge range of artwork. The usage of hand writing titles on the website are special and impressive to me. However, her style is a little bit creepy and dark to me. I think I don’t really like this kind of style.


Astrid Chesney

Awwwwww I LOVE her monsters! I can’t stop laughing and I share it to Garbo immediately (she is working on the topic of monsters for her FMP). I like the sketching of people she sees on the streets as well. I think I can practice my sketching and illustration of people like she does.

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