[MA] Links for Further Research of Culture & Identity Project

I had a tutorial with my tutor today for the culture and identity research project.

For those who are new to my blog, I have the habit of recording the links and what I have found on the internet here on my blog so that I won’t lose them and will be able to look back later. So, this is actually just a note of mine but if you’re interested in it and would like to give me some advise or share your ideas, please do, and I’ll be really appreciated.


In this research project, my focus is NAMES.

I find our names quite interesting and it is related to our culture and identity.

However, it’s hard to visualise this idea. I need to expand my research and do more visual research of this.


Here are some artists and links I found based on what my tutor suggested to me to look at:


Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman on The Art Story

Cindy Sherman on TATE


Pen name/ Pseudonym of female author, actress…

What does the J.K. stand for in J.K. Rowling’s name?

J. K. Rowling on wiki

The Brilliant Mind Behind Harry Potter (The Oprah Winfrey Show)


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