SHERLOCKED Convention (新世紀福爾摩斯only場) Day 1: The Game is On

Woohoo! Finally I’m here at SHERLOCKED Convention!

It took me almost 6 hours from Guildford to Birmingham because there was someone hit by the train and all the train that were effected were delayed for about 2-3 hours… I hope the person is alright😢


I joined the opening ceremony and visited the museum of the props that were used in the scene. It was really exciting to see the costume of Sherlock!!! I took a photo of each item displayed in the gallery to share with you (you’re welcome! lol) The set of 221B was also very interesting but I couldn’t take a selfie or they’ll charge me for that…

It was not easy to edit and upload photos with my phone 😢 I’ll post all the photos while I’m home!

第一天的活動比較少,人也還不多。我參加完開幕式之後去看了221B的場景,和展示劇中道具和服裝的藝廊。看到Sherlock的衣服好興奮哈哈XD 每一樣道具都很精緻,可以看好久~


There was a theme party tonight (and there will be one every night). I thought there’ll be some games in the party, but actually everyone just having fun and enjoy oneself.



Here were not so many people yet but I’m sure that there would be a lot during the weekend.

Let’s have fun together. The game is on!



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