[MA] Images and Sketching for the 1920s and Elderly Man

I was doing some research and practicing drawing for my project. This project was about the object I was interested from the Wellcome Collection. You can read the story I wrote here: [MA] The First Gift: A Story Inspired by the Object from Wellcome Collection

Here are the images what I have found online. Again, this was just a note for myself. Thanks for reading anyway.


1920s Maternity

1920s Maternity Images on Pinterest

Vintage Maternity Clothes History (This is an interesting website for the vintage clothes lovers! You can find the guides for vintage fashion.)


Nurse’s Uniform and Cap in the 1900s

The History Of American Nurse’S Uniforms


What It Was Like Giving Birth In Every Decade Since the 1900s


Elderly Man & Walking Stick


Elderly man with a walking stick

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