[MA] Reflective Review (30 Oct- 03 Nov)

It was not really easy to get into the habit of writing a reflective review every week. I have to write four more reviews for the past weeks apart from this one. Alright, here we go.

[MA] Images and Sketching for the 1920s and Elderly Man

I was doing some research and practicing drawing for my project. This project was about the object I was interested from the Wellcome Collection. You can read the story I wrote here: [MA] The First Gift: A Story Inspired by the Object from Wellcome Collection

[小城故事] 人物速寫 / Sketching People

最近等車的時候開始練習畫人。 偷偷觀察在這個城市生活或只在此路過的人、想著他們的目的地和背後的故事,對我來說是一件很有趣的事。 I started to observe and sketch people around me when I was waiting for the bus or train recently. It’s quite interesting for me to look at people and imagine what kind of story they have or where was their destination.

Practice of Digital/Web Archive

We had a lesson of creating web archive on 28 Feb this week. Valley and I work together to create a blog and name it “Point in Time” after exploring the connection between the photos we took. Honestly speaking, we didn’t think much of the blog and just post a little text on it with our photos. However, this blog which contains only 13 pictures gains likes and is followed by some other blog users. (WOW!) This makes me surprised that how the little TAGS can work! Please check the blog if you want to see what we did and…