Home Sweet Home, but I miss you all

The sky says, “Welcome back!” while the ocean laughs and gives me a big hug. The mountain just keeps smiling as usual, but I know how happy he is to see me home. I thought I wouldn’t miss them, but in fact, I did. I miss them so much even more than I could imagine. Yes, I’m back. I’m home. Hello, my dear friends! Time really flies. After studying in the UK for about two years, now I’m back in Taitung, Taiwan, my hometown. I finished my Master’s course and got the degree! YAYYYY!!! To be honest, now I’m still…

[MA] Reflective Review (30 Oct- 03 Nov)

It was not really easy to get into the habit of writing a reflective review every week. I have to write four more reviews for the past weeks apart from this one. Alright, here we go.


我在一個晴朗的日子去倫敦。 時序已入秋,氣溫是清爽的12度,風吹在臉上有一點涼涼冷冷的。但站在陽光下,來自遙遠的輻射熱曬得全身暖呼呼。

[MA] 7 Days, 7 Project. Day 2: The Lady I Met on the Road

I met a lady on the way to the bus station a few days ago. Her appearance was so eye-catching: orange and curly hair, red suit, and black glasses. As a result, I decided to make a little figure of her as my Day 2 project.




Have you ever thinking of working in a PALACE for your creative work? Then welcome to SOMERSET HOUSE STUDIO! In Taiwan, we have this kind of creator base too. But they are usually in old factories, not in a palace like this! In Somerset House Studio, creators can hire a desk or a whole room to run their business. At the meantime, they are allowed to use the workshops/machines for their works. The studio also holds events, workshops, and activities for “residents” to join and meet more creators who might be collaborators on the future projects. It is a really interesting place…


It was really a great pleasure to see Picasso’s portraits at National Portrait Gallery. I would like to see Master’s portraits and how he recorded his life with paintings. I thought it related to my project and my idea of “Record your story” as my manifesto. On the leaflet it wrote: “Picasso’s portraits epitomise the astonishing variety and innovation of his art. This major exhibition of over eighty works focuses on the artist’s portrayal of family, friends and lovers and reveals his creative processes as he moved freely between drawing from life, humorous caricature and expressive painting from memory.” The exhibition started…